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Brazil Ag Ministry against endosulfan ban
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The Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture is opposed to a ban on the organochlorine acaricide/insecticide, endosulfan, an industry source reveals. The Ministry of Health’s national health surveillance agency, the Anvisa, proposed the cancellation of registrations based on the active ingredient last month (Agrow

No 575, p 23). That followed a re-evaluation by the agency of the ai. Green Party MP Edson Duarte introduced a bill earlier this year seeking to cancel endosulfan registrations (Agrow No 560, p 18).


The Agriculture Ministry’s agricultural inputs inspectorate director, Girabis Evangelista Ramos, gave the Ministry’s opinion during a public discussion of the Anvisa resolution in the lower house of Parliament, the Chamber of Deputies. The debate took place in late September. The Ministry regards endosulfan as important to the agriculture sector, and noted its “long time use” in Brazil, the generic agrochemical industry association, the Aenda, told Agrow



The Brazilian agrochemical industry trade association, the Sindag, represented industry. It reportedly demonstrated the importance of endosulfan in IPM systems and the avoidance of insect resistance to pesticide use through product rotation, particularly on soybeans and cotton. Furthermore, it noted that endosulfan was the only available ai for the control of coffee borer beetles (Hypothenemus hampei



The Anvisa notes that endosulfan is banned in other countries, including Argentina, and the EU (Agrow ibid

), and that its chronic and acute toxicity characteristics “were worrying”. It submitted evidence covering poisonings, the ai’s “semi-volatility”, bioaccumulative persistence, and danger to reproductive development. It classified the ai as “extremely toxic”. The agency also presented photographs of foetal deformities that have occurred in India, but was unable to answer MPs’ requests for the source of the evidence, according to the Aenda. Other participants included the Ministry of the Environment, and an environmentalist agricultural group, the ANA.


Endosulfan has been among 14 pesticides under re-evaluation by the Anvisa, including the herbicide, glyphosate. The agency has also called for the banning of the insecticides, cyhexatin and acephate (Agrow ibid

), but has yet to issue its findings on the other 11 ais. Endosulfan is registered for use on cotton, cocoa, coffee, soybeans and sugar cane. Its sales in Brazil are around $150 million a year, national business daily Valor Economico reports.
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