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Eight of ten Brazilian farms use agchems
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Pesticides are used on almost eight out of ten farms in Brazil and are most commonly used on those farms run by their owners, according to official figures. The Brazilian institute of geography and statistics, the IBGE, issued the findings from its 2006 agricultural census. They showed that 78.4% of farms used agrochemicals. Only 1.8% of farms employed organic farming practices, but almost one in ten (9.9%) of horticultural producers did.


The study found that back-pack sprayers were the most commonly employed equipment, used by 69.1% of farms. The study also found that the majority of farmers using such equipment had not received training in its use. Some 43.7% had received guidance, while 21.3% of establishments that applied pesticides did not use any personal protective equipment. Findings “of concern” included those of 15.7% of farmers, who were responsible for establishments where pesticides were used, could not read or write. That “raised the risk of poisonings”.


IBGE researcher Eupidio Fontes cautions that training in the use of such equipment is “essential” to reduce the impact of pesticides on health and the environment. More than three out of four pesticide applicators had a “low level” of or uncompleted education, he told the official news agency, Agencia Brasil adds. “Farmers need to be able to read labels, and a low level of schooling means that manufacturer instructions are not being followed.”

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