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  The manufactory of Beijing NAB - Zibo NAB Chemical Co., Ltd., located in Jin Jing Industrial Park of Development Zone in Zibo City, Shandong Province, the company was established in November 24, 2000, an integrated enterprise of scientific research, production and sales,.


  NAB has exploited various technical products and formulations, and also is the biggest producer of Nicosulfuron TC, provides the Nicosulfuron 98%TC to the global agrochemical company, just like BASF, ISK and so on. Beijing NAB, by virtue of the experience of importing and exporting for 10 years, is also familiar with the domestic market, domestic producers and coordinate with manufactures, master price trends,


   In addition, NAB have been understanding and continuously developing new products by cooperating with universities, so we can advise customer the latest varieties of agrochemical and market situation.




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